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My Name is Ron Barrett. I would like to formally welcome you to Star Revue.

The history of Star Revue has proven to be trend setting and associated with many hits. We strongly feel that we have always had our finger on the pulse of the music industry. We were first with "The Duals" hit "Stick Shift" and the car scene. The first with the slogan and the musical piece "Say No To Drugs". We have always been a showcase of new talent and they have developed into stars! Such as Fanita James, the "Blossoms", Johnny Gamboa with the cool latino sound, and Merry Clayton with "It's In His Kiss"!

Currently we are working with a country and western singer/song writter, Dave Toland. Toland has a tried and true sound. He is loved by true country fans. Star Revue is proud to offer you Dave Tolands music right here!

Star Revue also has another goal with this site. We hope to spotlight artists and create an awareness of the doo-wop era, as well as educate the public on 50's and 60's music as we saw it. Why? Because Star Revue is the home of the original doo-wop, and R&B music.


We have big plans for Star Revue. Please bookmark this site now! Feel free to sign our Star Revue guestbook!



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Dave Toland is Star Revue's newest artist!

Click here to listen and buy his CD!






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