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"The Meadowlarks"





The Meadowlarks were formed  in 1954 while attending Fremont High School .  They were all in their teens.  Ron, Don and Earl were 17, Randy was 18, and Billy was 19 years old.  The coming together of their melodious voices was a work of art.  Ron sang first and second tenor, and in the early days, most of the lead singing was done by Ron.  Don also was a tenor, having a smooth and silk like voice.  Earl was not just a bass singer, his bass resonance was so powerful that the opposite sex would just fall in love with how he spoke and sang.  Randy was a true bass.  If there was ever a category, Randy would be considered a bassist' bass, a true first bass.  It just wasn't the rich quality of his voice that made him outstanding, he was also funny.  He was one of funniest singers of his time.  He later became the star of the Coasters.   Billy was second tenor, and he tried hard, but he never did fit in with the group.  Billy was a close friend of Randall and he tried unsuccessfully to get Billy into the group on a permanent basis, but shortly after this picture was taken, Billy was dropped from he group.  This was the only picture that was Billy in it.  Ron Barrett is in the front, because the first two recordings, "Love Only You" and "Real Pretty Momma," were written and performed by him as the lead vocalist. 


After Randall Jones left the group, Glenn Reagan replaced him.  Glenn was the first young white singer singing with a black group on the West Coast.  He was a senior at Fremont High School and was a natural singer and part of the a capella choir under the direction of Mrs. Abbott who was always a source of encouragement to the group.  Fremont High School was having problems raising money for the school's annual yearbook.  Ron Barrett had the idea of putting on a rock and rill show to be the school fundraiser which featured the Meadowlarks, Richard Berry, Bobby Day and others.  Needless to say, the fundraiser was a success, raising over $2,000 for the school, a small fortune in the 1950's because this was Ron's first attempt at promoting an R&B show.  R&B stands for Rhythm & Blues because there was no Doo Wop in the early 50's.  Rock and Roll and Rhythm & Blues were the order of the day!  Because of the success of Ron's first show he went on to have great success in promoting various shows with The Meadowlarks headlining the events.   The Meadowlarks were established in the East Los Angeles Hispanic community and they became a favorite, up until Don Julian's death. 

This photograph was taken because the record, "Heaven and Paradise " was starting to sell on the West Coast and threatening to go top 100 nationwide.  "Heaven and Paradise " was a collaborative work of all the members in the group on that photograph. It also depicts the first uniforms purchased after signing on with Dootone Records. 

More Meadowlarks info available here!


Find out about the relationship Ron had with one of the Greatest Musical minds of the 60's!!

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