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Dave Toland - Didn't I Let You Drive My Truck

Sale Price: $15.95
List Price: $18.95

Format: Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1

Genre: Country

Label: Star Revue
Release Date: October 2005


1. Didn't I Let You Drive My Truck?  ListenPreview Sample  
2. If A Woman Answers Hang Up The Phone  ListenPreview Sample  
3. You Talked To Me  ListenPreview Sample  
4. If Dad's Not There  ListenPreview Sample  
5. I See Love  ListenPreview Sample  
6. Two Hearts  ListenPreview Sample  
7. If I Could Walk Through Walls  ListenPreview Sample  
8. Little Bit Country, Little Bit Paradise  ListenPreview Sample  
9. She Never Looked Back  ListenPreview Sample   
10. A Matter Of Heart  ListenPreview Sample  
11. Let Me Be Your Mainsail  ListenPreview Sample   
12. You'll Always Be A Part Of Me  ListenPreview Sample  
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