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Ron "Ringo" Barrett


"The American Brown Beatle"


Long before the Beatles landed on the American Sea , there was a drummer who was very different in many ways. His name was Ron Barrett. Now, why was this drummer so different? One of the things that made him different was his hair. He was a black man, with long hair. Would you believe he had bangs?  His hair was straight!


Courtesy of Star Revue


In fact, he was called by the nickname, "Ringo The Cowboy!" Ron had a stage presence that was second to none. He was a good drummer; a good singer, good arranger, and to add to all that he was a stand-up comic!  


Courtesy of Star Revue


It was 1961, when Ron first became popular in Southern California and the nickname "Ringo" was based on the famous Cowboy. But in 1964, when the Beatles came on the scene, Ringo went from being a famous Cowboy to a famous Beatle. So, it was only natural for Ron to be called "Ringo" because of the popularity of Ringo Starr. In the early 1960’s, Ron was playing with a group that was made up of 5 bandleaders. This group was called "The Originals."


The Originals - Courtesy of Star Revue


"The Originals" consisted of Bobby Angel, a piano vocalist, Al Bavarro, bassist, Arthur Reave, guitarist/vocalist, and of course, Ron Ringo, the American "Brown" Beatle.


How it All Began

Ron Barrett started his professional career at 11 years of age playing with H.B. Barnum in clubs and bars in downtown Los Angeles and Santa Monica.   Entertaining was certainly not new to Ron.

Ron was born in St. Louis , Missouri . As far back as he can remember, he and his sister, Fanita Barrett (now Fanita James) were performing for family and friends, at family gatherings, on the front porch in the evenings in Clayton Missouri, and on the streets of Franklin Avenue   in St. Louis . Their biggest debut was in 1951 on the stage at Edison Junior High School in Los Angeles , where Fanita and Ron brought the auditorium down with a school song they wrote and performed. From then on, Fanita and Ron both knew that performing was something very special to them.

Fanita hooked up with an outstanding artist by the name of Richard Berry, who was the creator of the song, "Louie Louie." Fanita went on to form The Blossoms, and Ron went on to further his talents with The Robbins. Having the opportunity to sing lead on the performance of Smoky Joe’s Café in a chain of San Francisco and Southern California Paramount Theatres.  Then, without skipping a beat, HB Barnum got him into the group called Billy Ward and the Dominos. In 1959, they performed at the Hawaii State Fair at the old ballpark.

The Originals were Southern California ’s band in demand. They had the ability to perform at a club that had no audience and in a matter of a few short weeks, they would have a standing room only crowd. Why was this? Because Bobby Angel had the talent to sound just like James Brown, or Little Richard, and Arthur Reave could sound like George Benson, or T-Bone walker, and play just as well as any of them. The Originals didn’t take a back seat to anyone. What other band could be packed with that much talent? If playing in this outstanding band was not enough, in 1954, Ron started a record company, Star Revue, and their first record was "Stick Shift" by the Duals. "Stick Shift" made it to the top 40!


First Modern Anti-Drug Record !

     "Please Say No" - The Daily Breeze c. October 1986.   To read the full article click here.                  Courtesy of Star Revue


                                               Original 45 "Please Say No" - by Ron Barrett                                                               Courtesy of Star Revue.                         


More pictures to come of anti-drug rally in downtown Inglewood, CA - 1986!!




More to come soon . . . .


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