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Merry "Baby Sister" Clayton


The Untold True Story


In 1963 Ron Barrett was originally given the project of producing "It's In His Kiss" by Bobby Darrin, for Capitol Records, with the understanding that he would be fully recognized and compensated.  But that never happened.  Is it possible that Betty Everett, Cher, and others simply never knew?

Hang in there Ron your day'll come!

Ron can be credited with having full and total control of this project.  He was responsible for picking up Jack Nitzsche as arranger, Fanita James and the Blossoms for back up singing, and the very talented Merry Clayton for lead vocalist.                                                          


Courtesy of Spectropop

The people at VJ Records were very smart.  They heard a great band track, tight vocal arrangements, and catchy hooks with the "Shoop, Shoops".  And they concluded "we'd better keep this track exactly the way Ron Barrett has it".  And thanks to Merry Clayton and her vocal interpretation, Betty Everett's 45 became a hit. 


Courtesy of Wikipedia

Merry Clayton was given the greatest compliment by Cher awhile back, in 1990 by recording "It's In His Kiss" and keeping true not only to the melody but Star Revue's well balanced arrangement.  Including our interpretation of the background vocals.  This was a big hit for Cher. 

It made Ron Barrett very happy that they used his arrangement and that they complimented him on his use of Merry Clayton's and the Blossoms wonderful voices. 

Courtesy of Wikipedia


Special Thanks

A special thanks goes out to our friends at Spectropop, especially  Mr. Martin Roberts for all the help and support that they've given us.  And for keeping us up to date and well connected. 







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