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NEVER RELEASED Recordings by Ron Barrett & Don Julian       as Meadowlarks.    Coming soon!!

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Merry "Baby Sister" Clayton





To have been the first one to record this great vocalist, to be the man who saw the raw talent and ability of this phenomenal artist is an accomplishment that has made a mark on the sound of popular music as we know it.  "I knew Merry was a star, from the moment she opened her mouth."  -  Ron Barrett

Merry Clayton is truly an artist of unparalelled vocal excellence.

On behalf of the millions of fans that have enjoyed her contributions to the landscape of popular music for over 5 decades, STAR REVUE would like to acknowledge Merry Clayton as being a "True trailblazer of American Popular Music."

STAR REVUE would like to give special thanks to Ron Barrett for believing in Merry Clayton enough to share her talent with the world for over 40 years ago.  (Don't Worry, Merry!  You will always be "Baby Sister", to us.)


Merry Clayton's first professional recording, "I've Got My Eyes On You", produced by Ron Barrett has just been digitally re-mastered and re-released by ACE RECORDS, LTD London, along with 23 other great recordings by various artists from the 50's and 60's entitled, NEW BREED R&B.  This compilation is a great showcase of the attention to detail that Ace Records / Kent are known for.

STAR REVUE would like to personally thank Mr. Ady Croasdell for all his hard work and dedication on this project.

For more info on the new CD click here

To listen to "Gimme Shelter" by Merry Clayton click here


New Breed With Added Popcorn




More To Come Soon. . . .




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