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NEW RELEASE      60s sound by Ron Barrett on Ace Records.

NEVER RELEASED Recordings by Ron Barrett & Don Julian as Meadowlarks.  Coming soon!!

FANITAS PAYDAY Suit filed in New York court against Spector.  Eagerly awaiting outcome!

DOO WOP CRUISE Coming April 2009 with The Blossoms & Meadowlarks!








Ace Records                                                                                                        The UK's leading record reissue company and our good friends.                   They specialize in rock n roll, soul, funk, and all girl groups of the 60's.

Spectropop!                                                                                                    For enthusiasts of 60's music like Brill Building, Girl Groups, West Coast surf and harmony, and Phil Spector.

Arthur G. Wright                                                                                               A man of many talents.  His guitar solos have been heard on the recordings of Diana Ross, Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, and more.

Tom Moffatt Productions                                                                         Hawaii's premier concert production company since the 1950's.  Responsible for bringing in the likes of the Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin, and Elvis Presley.

George Wallace                                                                                          Learn more about our long time friend and comedian.  He headlines at the Flamingo Hotel.

Jennifer Holliday - MySpace                                                                         One of the originals from Broadway's "Dreamgirls".  You'll see her on our Blossoms update. 

Darlene Love - MySpace                                                                         Member of the Blossoms, and Bob B Soxx & the Blue Jeans.                           Still going strong!

Merry Clayton - MySpace                                                                                A dynamic singer first discovered by Ron Barrett.  Hear her version of   "Gimme Shelter" by the Rolling Stones!

Dave Toland - Myspace                                                                                   Learn more about StarRevue's favorite cowboy!   Listen to songs off of his album "Didn't I Let You Drive My Truck".

Martin Roberts                                                                                          Check out Martin's website.  He's done a great job assisting us, for which we're thankful.  You'll see Ron Barrett in his Producers page as well as an old friend, Jack Nitzsche.




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