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NEW RELEASE     60s sound by Ron Barrett             on Ace Records.

NEVER RELEASED Recordings by Ron   Barrett & Don Julian  as the Meadowlarks. Coming soon!!

FANITASPAYDAY                Suit filed in New  York court against Spector. Eagerly  awaiting outcome!

DOO WOP CRUISE   Coming April 2009     with The Blossoms & the Meadowlarks!




Star Revue History


How it all Began



Star Revue was formed in 1961 after founder Ron Barrett, Sr. had made records with H. B. Barnum, Richard Berry and Don Julian in the late 1950’s.

After the success Ron experienced singing with the Meadowlarks, a West Coast group who had a big hit "Heaven and Paradise,"  "Always and Always," just to name a few on the Dootone record label, he didn't turn his back on the music business.   Ron talked with HB Barnum about starting a production company. He set out with one hundred dollars, which wasn’t enough. HB advised him he would need about $10,000 to $15,000 to start. He realized he would need investors. He spoke to his bosses at Christian Lettner, the roofing company he worked for at the time. After several meetings, it was agreed that if Ron could demonstrate that he could make money, Christian Lettner would invest in his dream.

He went down and registered Star Revue as a sole proprietor. Star Revue’s first office was in Hollywood, California. HB Barnum rented him a room in his office.  . Because Star Revue was a new company, it didn’t have many contacts. HB Barnum was busy with various acts. When someone would come to him with a musical idea, he would refer them to Star Revue. This was the case with the group The Duals. The Duals were two young men. A lead guitar player whose name was Henry Bellinger and a rhythm guitar player, Johnny Lageman. They had a fresh clean sound. The Duals would become Star Revue’s first clients. Their first single was entitled Stick Shift which became a local hit, playing on every radio station’s play list.




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