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NEW RELEASE             60s sound by Ron   Barrett on Ace     Records.

NEVER RELEASED Recordings by Ron Barrett & Don Julian      as Meadowlarks.   Coming soon!!

FANITAS PAYDAY       Suit filed in New          York court against Spector.  Eagerly awaiting outcome!

DOO WOP CRUISE Coming April 2009        with The Blossoms &  the Meadowlarks!




Arthur G. Wright

I'm not posting this in recognition of Arthur's musical accomplishments.  For that you can go to his personal website.   I, Ron Barrett want the world to know that Arthur G. Wright has been and will always be one of my closest and dearest friends for over 50 years.  He and his family have always been important to me.                                  

My career could have been much more fulfilling had I continued my close ties with Arthur.  That's my loss.  But I let others cloud my vision.  Arthur has always been closer than a brother to me.  And I just wanted to say "thanks Art for being there."

To know more about Arthur G. Wright click here.


"The CirCats"

                                                   From top right, clockwise:  Ron Barrett, Jimmy Benson, HB Barnum, Arthur G. Wright, and Glenn Wade.  At 57th HI State Fair with Tom Moffatt.                 



Tom Moffatt                                                                                

"Statehood was in the air, and everyone expected Hawaii to become the 49th state; hence there was a 49th State record label and a 49th State fair at the old Honolulu Stadium  At the '57 fair, Moffatt emceed a rock show starring Billy Ward and the Dominoes, Don and Dewey, Young Jesse, and H.B. Barnum and his CirCats.  The show was such a hit that the promoters wanted to do more.  They offered Moffatt the opportunity to book the acts and to emcee future shows for a percentage of the profits - if there were any.  The Show of Stars was born, at the old Civic Auditorium in Honolulu."   -  Spirit of Aloha December 2000 issue

To know more about Tom Moffatt click here.


Somewhere on this wall is a picture of the CirCats !

                                    Photos Courtesy of  Spirit of Aloha December 2000


After our performance at the Dunes hotel in Vegas, we were contacted by Mr. Moffatt to be headliners at the 57th state fair, co starring with Billy Ward and the Dominoes. 

After our performance at the 57th state fair, I fell in love with Hawaii, not just for its blue skies and blue-green ocean, but for the people as well.  You will currently find me, Ron Barrett living on the Big Island of Hawaii in Captain Cook.

More to come soon . . . .





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