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Dave Toland


Country At It's Best



Dave Toland - Star Revue


From growing up on a small family farm in Laveen, Arizona; where Dave built his first corral for his horse Lucky, to working on a ranch in Henderson, Colorado; Dave Toland has not only lived the life of a cowboy working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week rounding up, branding, feeding, doctoring and cleaning up after cattle and livestock, but is also a cowboy in mind and soul.

Dave put it in a poem he wrote, “Forever a cowboy deep in my heart that's where you'll find the real me. A drifter, a dreamer and mostly soft spoken ,but sometimes a creamer, wishing folks would just let me be. So give me a prairie where the grass grows tall on the rolling hills, with my mustang and me forever a cowboy deep in my heart, that's where you'll find the real me.”

Like most dreamers Dave is a man of deep feelings. As you listen to Dave's music you will hear and share in the depths of this cowboy dreamer soul on such things as love, loyalty and humor, with great simplicity to which anyone can relate.

Dave began his musical career very young. While listening to his father and uncles singing and recording on a reel to reel tape recorder Dave would dream of singing like them performing in front of crowds of strangers. This he did, starting at the age of eight at school talent shows and later in high school after forming a band called the, “Ascots”.
                                                                                                                                           After marrying his wife of thirty years, Dave began to write influenced by such artist as Merle Haggard and George Jones. A few years later Dave began his professional full-time career as a country singer/songwriter in Phoenix Arizona receiving extensive air play on his first record entitled" If you like Country Music". Dave also began writing jingles for a KNIX, a major radio station in Phoenix. From there Dave began to tour the country performing with major country music stars such as The Oakridge Boys, Eddie Rabbit, Pure Prairie League, Marshall Tucker, Charlie Daniels, Ricky Nelson, Waylon Jennings; just to name a few.

In 1990 Dave made his way to Denver Colorado where he organized the house band at the famous Club Zanzibar, [seen in the movie "Every Which Way but loose”]. While in Denver Dave, along with his friend Charlie Dalbeck, produced and hosted a weekly half hour TV show entitled, “If You Like Country Music”, which ran for over two years. Deciding to take some time off and focus on his family, Dave moved to the island of Hawaii where he now lives. A few years later Dave began writing again and has produced three new CD's of his original music and is, "back in the saddle again", with renewed zeal and a collection of new original music.

Take some time to listen and experience for yourself, Dave Toland, "Forever the Cowboy".     -    A Friend

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