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NEW RELEASE               60s sound by Ron     Barrett on Ace       Records.

NEVER RELEASED Recordings by Ron   Barrett & Don Julian         as Meadowlarks.      Coming soon!!

FANITAS PAYDAY         Suit filed in New            York court against Spector.  Eagerly    awaiting outcome!

DOO WOP CRUISE    Coming April 2009          with The Blossoms &      the Meadowlarks!



Dave Toland


Country At It's Best



Let me introduce you to a real Cowboy...


Dave Toland - Star Revue


Picked by Star Revue to, "top the charts", with his outstanding country style Dave Toland's songs are timeless, but most of all and best of all they reach the heart. Why, because he is a real Cowboy! Star Revue is certain music listeners will be inquiring about his most recent works. The following list of songs on his newest CD, “Didn’t I Let You Drive My Truck!”, are some of the many songs we feel listeners will want to hear.





Dave Toland Cont >>




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